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DisplayLink Technology Brings Easy USB Connectivity To New InFocus Digital Projectors

PALO ALTO, Calif., July 16, 2009 - InFocus Corporation has introduced nine business, professional and interactive projector systems that are designed for different needs but offer one common convenience - the easy-to-use USB graphics connection technology from DisplayLink Corp.

Thanks to DisplayLink's certified embedded technology, people can quickly project videos, presentations, lesson plans or pictures with the simple snap of a USB connection between the projector and their PC. The ability to "connect and project" means no stress and no cables-and-wires mess for teachers, business executives, meeting planners, AV experts and other busy professionals.

"DisplayLink USB graphics bring simple connectivity and more productivity to business and consumer devices alike," said Dennis Crespo, executive vice president of marketing and business development for DisplayLink. "Add that to our ability to deliver smooth video playback and outstanding high-resolution graphics via USB, and you have a winning combination that technology leaders like InFocus choose for their systems time and again."

Featuring the DisplayLink certified logo, the new InFocus projection systems are:

  • The InFocus LiteBoard™ IN3902LB and IN3904LB interactive projector systems, introduced in June and currently undergoing extensive beta testing. InFocus LiteBoard offers the most cost-effective, flexible and portable solution for the education market by eliminating the need to purchase and install whiteboard hardware and by freeing presenters to interact with their content from around the room. Consisting of the LiteBoard projector and wand, the InFocus interactive system will work on any surface so there's no need to mount hardware or limit the display size. The wand works by detecting patterns in the projected image that humans cannot see, communicating with the projector over a radio frequency to triangulate exactly where the presenter is pointing. DisplayLink builds on the unparalleled portability of LiteBoard with "plug and project" capabilities, resulting in zero setup time and instant switching between multiple presenters. The InFocus LiteBoard interactive projector will be generally available in the early fourth quarter.
  • The InFocus IN5300 and IN5500 series of high-performance DLP® projectors, announced in June. All six models - the IN5302 and IN5304, and the IN5502, IN 5532, IN5504 and IN5534 - have embedded wired and wireless DisplayLink for instant set-up and hassle-free projection. They are designed to meet the needs of any business and professional AV installers and offer up to WUXGA (1920 x 1080) resolution. The integration of long-life lamps, DLP® and a filter-free design make these models virtually maintenance-free and the most cost-effective high-performance projectors available. The InFocus IN5300 and 5500 series will be available this summer through exclusive InFocus partners.
  • The InFocus IN3108, the company's latest premium meeting room model, announced in May. This Wide XGA (1280 x 800) native model offers DisplayLink for Windows and Mac, enabling both easy USB connection and multi-display capability, which makes it possible to use up to six projectors simultaneously from one computer. This feature enables users to create video walls without the need for expensive third-party adaptors. In addition, the IN3108 is the company's first projector to feature the InFocus Dynamic Messaging System, an internal broadcast solution that allows for instant onscreen display of breaking news, weather warnings or other alerts to networked InFocus projectors. The InFocus IN3108 is available with prices starting at $1,999 through exclusive InFocus partners.

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DisplayLink Corp. (www.displaylink.com) is a chip and software company that enables easy connectivity between computers and displays over standard interfaces like USB, Wireless USB, and Ethernet. Its innovations make it easy to incrementally expand the desktop visual workspace at significantly lower cost and power than traditional solutions. DisplayLink technology can transmit graphically rich content between a single device and multiple displays over relatively low-speed busses and networks. Leading global manufacturers have integrated DisplayLink USB graphics - a 2008 PC Magazine Technical Excellence Award winner - into an array of PC accessories including monitors, docking stations, display adapters and projectors. Shop DisplayLink enabled USB graphics products at www.displaylink.com/shop.


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