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Man at desk looking at 3 Apple monitors with Apple M1 chip in foreground

Multiple Monitors on M1 Macs.



Multiple Monitors on M1 Macs.


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DisplayLink Partners

DisplayLink is a chip and software company whose technology appears in a wide range of products from the world's leading PC and peripheral brands.

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Using DisplayLink Products

Our technology makes it simple to connect any display to any computer that supports USB or Wi-Fi (which they all do) and provides universal solutions for a range of corporate, home and embedded applications where easy connectivity of displays enhances productivity.

DisplayLink solutions for homes and small offices.

Home & Small Office Productivity

At home or in a small office setting, DisplayLink-powered docking stations, monitors and adapters can be used to make the most of the physical workspace available. Whether it’s a business laptop, the family MacBook, or an Android tablet or smartphone, they can all connect to the same additional monitors, keyboard and mouse using a DisplayLink-enabled universal dock. Any device, any O.S, any connector – it just works.

DisplayLink solutions for meeting rooms.

Meeting Rooms

Meeting room systems powered by DisplayLink technology make it easier to connect and conduct business using any of the leading conference systems operated by organizations around the globe. With broad compatibility and connectivity, DisplayLink systems dramatically simplify deployment for IT teams and usability for workers. The same core system allows you to scale from huddle rooms to large-scale boardrooms, hassle-free.

DisplayLink solutions for enterprise.

Enterprise Productivity

DisplayLink-enabled docking solutions simplify infrastructure deployment providing future and backwards compatibility for any operating system, any platform, and any USB connector. Full support for Corporate Install and Microsoft-signed drivers simplifies the installation process based on an organization's wants and needs. DisplayLink works closely with key industry partners, customers and Fortune 500 companies to ensure a seamless experience for Enterprise customers.

DisplayLink solutions for developers.

Embedded Developers

An increase in embedded computing power means there are now new ways to connect displays to embedded applications. Embedded hosts can encode display data and send it over a network (e.g. USB or Ethernet) to a decoding ASIC on a display. DisplayLink provides an SDK to create solutions using our embedded chipset family. These ICs can connect displays to a client using USB/Ethernet providing advantages in flexibility, power, design size and resolution.