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DisplayLink And Atrust To Take USB Virtual Graphics Zero Clients To Emerging Market Education Systems

PALO ALTO, Calif. – January 18, 2011 – DisplayLink Corp. today announced plans with Atrust Computer, Corp., a thin client solutions company based in Taiwan, to offer DisplayLink USB virtual graphics-enabled zero client systems for schools in global emerging markets. This announcement comes on the heels of recent news from India and China, countries that are committed to education and are seeking affordable solutions for the growing population.

Supporting both the Microsoft Windows MultiPoint Server and Linux operating systems (OS), the m200/m202 zero clients are designed to allow a single off-the-shelf PC or notebook to run up to ten individual computing sessions, with the ease of USB connectivity, and at a fraction of the cost of today’s traditional thin client set ups.  "With DisplayLink USB virtual graphics, we can clearly differentiate our zero client solution in the global emerging markets and provide a rich computing experience to those who otherwise may not have access," said HT Cho, president of Atrust corporation. "Not only are the systems extremely affordable, but they are intuitive to configure, use and maintain, and provide the same quality computing experience as individual workstations."

By using DisplayLink’s USB virtual graphics, the zero client solution eliminates the need for complicated and expensive video card installation, and connects to the server via a single USB cable. In turn, systems consume significantly less power, require less IT support, and ultimately, provide a lower per seat cost of ownership. "Our partnership with Atrust means we can expand the global market for simple, affordable zero client systems, enabling DisplayLink to continue to gain market share in this arena." said Dennis Crespo, executive vice president of marketing and business development at DisplayLink. "More importantly, the new products enable schools to rapidly expand the number of client terminals, making affordable computing truly a reality."

Atrust’s new zero client solution is available now. You can find it in Atrust website. More information about DisplayLink technology enabled zero client systems and their benefits can be found at www.displaylink.com/zeroclient.

About Atrust Established in 2007, Atrust is a creative, professional, and enthusiastic team which has rich experience in designing, producing Thin Clients, Servers and Management Software. Atrust provides customers with high quality, high efficiency and environmental friendly products and comprehensive out of the box and customized solutions.

About DisplayLink DisplayLink Corp. is a hardware and software company that offers a unique technology to enable easy virtual graphics connectivity between computers and displays over standard interfaces such as USB, wireless USB and Ethernet. DisplayLink technology is used in dozens of globally branded PC accessories including monitors, universal docking stations, display adapters, projectors, and zero client systems that make expansion of the desktop visual workspace possible, at significantly lower cost and energy usage than traditional solutions. DisplayLink is ranked the fourth fastest growing EMEA Company by Deloitte, and was awarded the CES 2011 Best of Innovation Award Honoree in the Enabling Technologies category for its forthcoming Interactive Networked Graphics for SuperSpeed USB. For more information and product details visit DisplayLink Shop and follow DisplayLink on Facebook and Twitter. 

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