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Integrated Chipsets

DisplayLink DL-6000 Series

USB to Dual 4Kp60/5K Dock SoC

DL-6950 is the next generation universal docking solution from DisplayLink. Based on the industry leading DL3 compression technology DL-6950 extends the benefits of low latency, pixel perfect, graphics to high resolution monitors. Since the DL-6950 is a pure USB solution it can connect to any host with USB-A or USB-C connectors, providing a fully backward-compatible and future-proof docking solution. Plug it in and it works.

The DL-6950 integrates a USB 3.0 device interface, DL3 codec, two DisplayPort++ (dual mode) interfaces, two HDMI 2.0 interfaces, GbE, and audio on one SoC. It is supported by DisplayLink host software for zero cost on the host and a seamless transition to 4K docking.

DL-6950 also offers enhanced performance capabilities to match the improved performance of 4K panels.

USB-C: Scalable Display Connectivity with DL-6950

The new USB-C connector works seamlessly with DisplayLink’s USB graphics and docking, enabling two full 4Kp60 displays from a single USB connection. As only a simple driver is required, the DL-6950 provides support for dual 4Kp60 displays over any USB 3.x interface, such as USB-A, Micro-A or USB-C, as well as other non-PC platforms such as Mac, Chrome OS, Ubuntu or Android.

The number of displays can further be increased by attaching additional DisplayLink enabled products to the PC through USB-A or USB-C connections or downstream USB hubs

The DL-6950 is also fully compatible with the USB-PD standard enabling laptop or tablet charging and docking on a single cable.

USB-B Legacy Dock USB-C New Dock
Host USB-A Legacy Host Just Works Just Works
USB-C New Host Just Works Just Works
Thunderbolt 3 Just Works Just Works
Assured Compatibility between USB-C, Thunderbolt 3 and Legacy USB

Flexible Video Interfacing

The DL-6950 has a total of four display outputs; two DP++ (dual mode DP 1.2) and 2 HDMI 2.0 interfaces integrated into the device. Only two outputs are active at any one time.

This allows direct support for DP and HDMI monitors, the most prevalent interfaces. Since the HDMI 2.0 outputs are present this allows connection to HDMI 2.0 or earlier HDMI 1.x interfaces.

Interface 5K
5120 x 2880 p60
3840 x 2160 p60
2560 x 1600 p60
2560 x 1440 p60
DL-6950 Monitor Support

DisplayLink Compression - DL3.0

  • Low latency
  • Pixel-perfect graphics
  • Adapt automatically to bandwidth constraints
  • Compression tuned for video content and high quality graphics
  • Uncompromised 4K/UHD video quality


  • 18mm x 18mm
  • 484 BGA, RoHS and industry Green conformance
  • 0.8mm lead pitch
  • Non-HDCP versions available

Reference Design

DisplayLink supplies a complete set of schematics and PCB layout information along with firmware and OS drivers.

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