Ubuntu Driver Download

Below is the latest download from DisplayLink for Ubuntu distributions. This release has been prepared to be compatible with Ubuntu. Please see our support page for information on how to install this driver on Ubuntu.

Latest DisplayLink Software Release

DisplayLink USB Graphics Software for Ubuntu

  • Ubuntu 19.04
  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • Ubuntu 16.04
5.2 08 Jul 2019

Previous DisplayLink Software Releases

5.1 19 Feb 2019
4.4 17 Oct 2018
4.2 08 Mar 2018
1.4 10 Oct 2017
1.3.54 14 Jun 2017

What about support for other Linux distros?

DisplayLink has not created drivers for other packages, however the Ubuntu driver contains an open source component which is designed to be modified to enable the Ubuntu driver to be repackaged for any other Linux distro by the user community. Details on how the Ubuntu driver package can be unpacked and modified for other distros is covered in this article.

Note: This is a reference driver for supported DisplayLink® USB graphics device that is incorporated in your dock, adapter or monitor. However, please note that your original equipment manufacturer (OEM) provides drivers for your specific monitor, dock or adapter on their website, etc. DisplayLink recommends that you check with your OEM about recommended driver updates for your monitor, dock or adapter. An OEM may not provide technical support for issues that arise from the use of this driver.

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