Belkin Docking station for Windows Tablets or Ultrabooks

Windows 8 Tablet Dual Video Docking Stand with USB 3.0
Windows 8 Tablet Dual Video Docking Stand with USB 3.0

Belikin have released 2 docking stations based on DisplayLink technology: one for Windows tablet docking and one for Ultrabook docking.

  • Easy connectivity. Connect to your network and all your desktop peripherals with just a single USB 3.0 cable.
  • Broad compatibility. Use with any Windows 8 tablet with USB 3.0 port.
  • Extra ports. Multiply your connectivity with four available USB ports as well as Ethernet and dual display options.
  • Multiple displays: DisplayPort and DVI-I outputs. HDMI and VGA available via adapters. Connect one or two external high-resolution displays to improve usability and productivity.
  • Optimized workspace. Control cable clutter and keep desktop accessories organized.
  • Charging station. Recharge smartphones and other devices quickly with the fast-charging 2.1 A USB 3.0 port.

The Windows 8 Tablet Docking Station combines all the speed and connectivity of a personal computer with the freedom of a tablet. As more and more people use their tablets as personal computers, the Belkin tablet docking station makes connecting external peripherals a breeze. Our USB 3.0 docking station connects your keyboard, monitor, mouse, network and printer with super fast speeds.

The USB 3.0 Dual Video Docking Stand allows you to connect your Ultrabook or thin and light laptop to all your office peripherals with a single SuperSpeed USB 3.0 cable. Mobile users often do without the advantages of external monitors, full-size keyboards, and other desktop peripherals because of the hassle involved in connecting, disconnecting, and reconnecting every device, every time they leave their desk or return to it.

With Windows and Mac support, Belkin docks are designed for mixed platforms and multiple users, ideal for visiting professionals, contractors, and "hot desk" environments.

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ASUS Varidrive: Read, write, and connect – all in one

ASUS Varidrive
  • Perfect for expanding portable device functionality
  • Slim 15mm dock base adds USB 3.0, single video output (HDMI or VGA), Ethernet, and slot-loading convenience
  • Super-Multi DVD 8X read/write combo drive
  • Highly portable and stylish, connects to devices via easy USB

Simplify and consolidate accessory convenience with VariDrive, the one device that connects more possibilities with a single USB 3.0 cable and saves you the need to buy multiple peripherals. Instantly add optical media capabilities and extra ports to your notebook or ultrabook, as streamlined and compact VariDrive enhances your experiences in diverse situations. It's a convenient slot-loading external Super-Multi DVD combo drive that reads and writes data at high speeds, plus a dock base. The latter gives you extra HDMI, VGA, and Ethernet connectors, expanding your display and online possibilities. It also includes three USB 3.0 ports, offering significantly faster data transfer speeds. And it's all wrapped in a stylish spun-metal Zen-inspired design that looks great wherever you take it.

Want to Buy Dell S2340T: USB Touch Screen Monitor Dock

Dell S2340T: USB Touch Screen Monitor Dock

Experience the ultimate in interactivity for Windows 8. Dell's new S2340T boasts 23" edge-to-edge glass screen, with integrated HD webcam, ten point touch and a fully integrated docking station in the base allowing connectivity to your notebook over a single plug-and-display USB cable connection.

  • DisplayLink enabled Full HD USB Graphics, with Gigabit Ethernet and Audio (speakers built into the base), Multiple USB ports allow for peripheral expansion
  • Ten point multi touch screen that can be angled to suite almost any position, it can operate flat like a tablet or angled to match your notebook or raised up for ergonomics
  • Steller View: Images come to life with color boosting Image Enhance
  • Enabled by a single USB cable to the notebook making expansion incredibly simple
  • Available from Dell online globally
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AOC expands USB Bus Powered Displays adding 22" to the portfolio

A handy product for extending your laptop's work area
Rating: 4 out of 5


AOC 22-inch monitor

The 22” e2251Fwu USB powered portable LED monitor is a must-have laptop or desktop accessory. Receives both power and signal via a single USB cable for plug-and-play connection. The monitor does not require a power cord or VGA cable, and comes with a removable base for maximum flexibility.

Offers 1,000:1 contrast ratio, 5ms response time and 1920 x 1080 resolution @60 Hz. The e2251Fwu USB Monitor is compatible with PC as well as Mac using the DisplayLink driver. Ultra lightweight for greater portability. Perfect for business presentations, the frequent traveler, photo frame applications, and dual monitor setups on-the-go. USB cable included.

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Lenovo ThinkPad USB 3.0 Dock

The ThinkPad USB 3.0 Dock provides a quick and easy connection to all the workspace peripherals you use every day. Simply plug in a single USB 3.0 cable into your Lenovo PC for instant access to up to two external monitors, Gigabit Ethernet, headphones/speakers, USB printers and scanners, keyboard, mouse, and up to 5 Gbps access to external storage. Dock requires included AC power to operate.

  • 2 x DVI ports enabling multiple displays to be connected for enhanced productivity
  • 5 USB3.0 ports for peripheral expansion and always-on mobile device charging
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Audio connectivity (headphones / mic)
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Targus USB 3.0 SuperSpeed™ Dual Video Docking Station including Laptop Power

Targus Dock

Enjoy an increase in speed and more power by utilizing the latest USB 3.0 technology for your workstation. The Targus USB 3.0 SuperSpeed™ Dual Video Docking Station offers dual video ports that deliver beyond HD video and graphics up to 2048 x 1152 (1x DVI-I, 1x HDMI) to two monitors. In addition it includes a DVI-I to VGA adapter, 1 HDMI to DVI-I adapter, 2 USB 3.0 ports for your USB 3.0 peripherals and 4 USB 2.0 ports for all of your USB 2.0 items.

Targus offer two docking station solutions. The ACP70USZ is the USB 3.0 docking station. The ACP71USZ not only includes the USB 3.0 docking station, but also a power supply for most 90 Watt PC laptops.

The docking station also includes a Gigabit Ethernet port, audio In/Out ports to connect speakers and a security lock slot to help secure the dock and avoid theft. A 6.5A AC adapter and 2ft USB 3.0 cable are also included to help make it easy to connect your device to a complete workstation – including dual monitors, a mouse, keyboard, printer and other peripherals you may need to connect with by simply docking your laptop. The docking station also has two high-powered USB ports, providing extra power and stays on even when the laptop is disconnected.

  • Single USB 3.0 connection to numerous peripherals
  • Dual video ports providing beyond HD video and graphics with up to 2048 x 1152 resolution (1x DVI-I, 1x HDMI)
  • 2 USB 3.0 ports
  • 4 USB 2.0 ports
  • Integrated Gigabit Ethernet over USB
  • Provides power for most 90 Watt PC laptops (with model ACP71USZ)
  • Includes 7 power tips with integrated storage (with model ACP71USZ)
  • Ergonomic, with a raised laptop platform for typing comfort and improved airflow for cooling
  • Ideal for Hot Desks
  • Currently PC compatible only. No Mac OSX support available.
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Field Monitor Pro and Monitor 2GO from Mobile Monitor Technology

You'll have to see it to believe it, but the panel in the new Monitor2Go made us stop in our tracks at CES 2012. The fact that the device was connected to iPhone 4S via an HDMI adapter was an even bigger shocker.

LAPTOP Magazine

MMT is back at CES this year, with a revamped version of the Monitor2Go... the company has bumped up the portable display's screen size to a full 15.6 inches, while expanding its resolution to 1600 x 900...


Field Monitor Pro

Compatible with both Windows and Macintosh computers, the new Field Monitor Pro and Monitor2GO are great choices for those who need a portable, but larger extended display.

The Field Monitor Pro includes a Keypad, so if you specialize in number crunching, look no further. Other features include:

  • Rotate and Pivot 180° screen: Up, down, clockwise, counterclockwise. There's no limit to what the screen will do.
  • Dual Display: Extend or mirror your screen. Dual monitors dramatically increase productivity.
  • USB Inputs: Daisy chain up to 6 Field Monitor Pros off a laptop's single USB.
  • Stand Mode: Landscape mode. Portrait mode. We've got you covered.
  • Watch: Connect any phone or media player with HDMI, and you've got a mobile theater. With rich 1366 x 768 resolution.

The Monitor 2Go is the next generation mobile monitor for your iPad, laptop and other portable devices. Features include:

  • Rotate and Pivot 180° Up, down, clockwise, counterclockwise. There's no limit to what the screen will do.
  • Share your iPad (or any HDMI tablet) screen on our 15.6" LED-backlit display. Perfect for presentations, or 1,000 other uses.
  • Dual Display: Extend or mirror your screen. Dual monitors dramatically increase productivity.
  • USB Inputs: Daisy chain up to 6 Field Monitor Pros off a laptop's single US
  • Watch: Connect any phone or media player with HDMI, and you've got a mobile theater. With rich 1366 x 768 resolution.
  • Stand Mode: Landscape mode. Portrait mode. We've got you covered.

The Field Monitor Pro and Montior 2GO will be available in the spring. In the meantime, the Field Monitor Pro Classic is still available.

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USB Graphics Adapters

Plugable Adapter

DisplayLink virtual graphics processing is the secret ingredient that enables a range of USB adapters, such as:

  • USB to DVI
  • USB to HDMI (video + audio), and
  • USB to VGA

All these adapters, which are produced by a growing number of world-class manufacturers, let you easily either a mirror or extended display to your notebook or laptop. With USB, the easiest connection possible, your DisplayLink-based adapter lets you daisychain as many as six monitors to your PC or Mac. You can run these additional monitors without adding a graphics card to the PC, because DisplayLink’s video processing software finds the optimal blended usage of the computer’s main CPU chip and its graphics processing chip. The combination of DisplayLink software and video decoding chips (usually embedded in the adapter cable or unit) opens up a world of extended and large-screen display versatility, with smooth image movement (known as low latency) and 32-bit color graphics.

Now, with the advent of USB 3.0 adapters based on DisplayLink chips and virtual graphics, the use of large HDTVs as displays for mobile devices and tablet PCs will become an everyday convenience. USB 3.0's bandwidth means ultra low latency and smooth window and cursor movement. DisplayLink adapters are compact and economical, but they open the door to a much bigger and richer mobile computing, entertainment and media sharing experience.

  • Excellent performance on extended displays via USB to DVI, USB to VGA, and USB to HDMI
  • Can be extremely compact and economical
  • Daisychain up to six displays for large-scale spreadsheets and multitasking
  • Resolutions up to 2048x1152 are supported.
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