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Any Device, Any Operating System

Any Device, Any Operating System

All the right connections, wired and wireless connectivity - ultra low latency, highly interactive

DisplayLink graphics technology works across computing platforms and connector types, providing a solution to connect multiple displays and docking functionality to any platform.

Microsoft Windows
Any Device, Any Operating System

Universal Display Interface

  • DisplayLink uses the regular USB or WiFi connection that’s on almost every device to connect to a computer monitor or TV
  • With DisplayLink, any computer or device can easily connect to any monitor without the need for special cables
  • We call this Plug and DisplayTM
Any Device, Any Operating System

Expand and share your visual workspace

  • Our system has the ability to add up to six extra displays. Even if your computers have no display connector there’s a DisplayLink product to expand your visual workspace
  • Connect displays or docking stations through any USB-A or USB-C port, even through USB hubs.
  • DisplayLink’s universal interface means that a single desktop setup can support different users at different times, no matter what type of computer or device they have

Easy to set up and maintain. 'It Just Works'

  • DisplayLink uses the built in USB, networking, and display management software that comes with your computer, so plugging in a DisplayLink product is just like plugging in directly to your computer
  • Once you’ve downloaded the driver (PC/Mac/Linux) or App (Android), you just Plug and DisplayTM and you’re up and running!
  • We publish updates to our software on our website,our partners’ websites, via Windows Update, and on the Google Play Store, so it’s easy to stay up to date with the latest releases
  • Enterprise IT Managers should check out our Corporate Installer for rolling out DisplayLink across the organisation
Microsoft Windows
Uncompromised performance

Uncompromised performance

  • DisplayLink supports the highest mainstream desktop displays up to 4K in resolution
  • Our integrated enterprise Ethernet runs over the USB3 connection into a laptop or tablet
  • However fast your computer or network, its performance will never be constrained by a DisplayLink product
Uncompromised performance

One single USB cable enables:

  • DisplayPort 4K Monitor Connectivity
  • HDMI Monitor or Television x 2
  • Gigabit Ethernet Network
  • USB Peripheral Connectivity
  • Audio
Any Device, Any Operating System


  • Today, most computer displays are High Definition 1080p, so if you’re thinking about upgrading the monitor on your desk, check out DisplayLink's monitor support – these scale in resolution from below 1080p all the way up to 4K in resolution, so your investment in a DisplayLink solution should last many years
  • DisplayLink periodically releases software upgrades for its products, adding new features such as support for Android smartphones and tablets
  • Every make of computer and monitor is slightly different so we test against new monitors and computing platforms as they are released, ensuring compatibly with DisplayLink enabled products.
Any Device, Any Operating System

The best visual networking technology

Pin sharp graphics over any wired or wireless network

  • Ultra Low Latency
  • Link Aware
  • Content Aware
  • Dynamic Bandwidth Management
Any Device, Any Operating System Any Device, Any Operating System

Enterprise grade networking and security

  • DisplayLink supports full gigabit Ethernet speeds which are carried through a USB3 connection to the laptop or tablet
  • DisplayLink provides advanced ethernet functions such as PXE boot and 802.1x network security that are required by modern enterprise network and IT managers

Download the 2018 IT Brochure

  • 2018 solutions update
  • Business docking and adaptor solutions
  • Forwards and backwards compatibility docking
  • Flexible solutions for all your IT requirements
  • Display and projectors & ergonomics solutions
  • Corporate install simplifying IT setup / imaging
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Any Device, Any Operating System