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What is DisplayLink?

DisplayLink is a company with a unique graphics transport technology, which means expanding your visual workspace has never been easier or more affordable. Our technology makes it really easy to connect any display to any computer with USB or WiFi. It also provides a universal docking solution to any platform, enabling multiple displays, audio, Ethernet and other USB peripherals to be connected to PCs, Macs and tablets through the USB-A, USB-C port or wireless.

We call this Plug and Display.

It also means that any computer can drive more than one monitor using DisplayLink - up to six in fact, although it's proven that just two external monitors creates a big increase in desktop productivity.

Save IT costs

As a DisplayLink enabled docking station can be used with any device that supports USB or Wifi, it allows IT administrators to standardize on one docking station throughout the organization, even if users are using Laptops, Ultrabooks, Tablets, Android devices, Chromebooks or MacBooks. Also, if a user switches to a different laptop model or brand, you no longer need to replace the docking station as it is universal.

The universality of the DisplayLink solution allows different users to timeshare the same desktop environment ("hot desking") creating enormous opportunities for saving on the costs of office space.

DisplayLink is supported by the major PC computer and accessories companies and is designed into docking stations, graphics adapters, and monitors.

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