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DisplayLink Virtual Graphics to Enable Simple, Affordable 10 Seat Thin Client Computing Through Microsoft Windows Multipoint Server 2010 Technology

PALO ALTO, Calif., Nov. 17, 2009 – Helping achieve the company’s founding vision of  making networked computing accessible to all, DisplayLink USB virtual graphics technology is enabling the world’s first 10 seat thin client multi-user computing solution.  By eliminating the need for additional graphics hardware and simplifying setup to a quick USB connection, it will be more affordable than ever for schools to allow multiple people to access the computing resources of a single computer.

DisplayLink’s industry-leading USB virtual graphics innovations allow a computer to drive up to 10 monitors without additional video hardware in the host by providing simple software in the host and USB virtual graphics technology in the client. With Windows MultiPoint Server 2010, a host computer can drive an individual desktop experience to each of the monitors. And there is no need for a system administrator to be devoted to installation.

Up to 10 people can work and browse the Web at the same time,” said Dennis Crespo executive vice president of marketing and business development for DisplayLink. “Thanks to the unsurpassed simplicity of our virtual graphics technology and USB 2.0, we can offer a true multi-person plug-and-play solution that’s easy to set up, manage and use in minutes.”

The ultra-convenient solution makes thin client computing more efficient and faster to set up, while also potentially saving thousands of dollars compared to traditional thin client solutions.  It is ideal for education, emerging markets and large multi-seat installations, where a complete PC for every person isn’t affordable or practical.


The DisplayLink USB virtual graphics technology for multi-user computing is available through one of the world’s leading computer OEMs. It offers a true zero client experience that eliminates the need for a full PC at the systems’ end points – and just requires peripherals, a thin client device, and a familiar standard USB 2.0 cable instead of any proprietary connection technology.


”We are pleased to support DisplayLink’s announcement to help extend the reach of technology in learning environments like classrooms, labs and libraries by allowing multiple users to leverage the resources of a single computer,” said Ira Snyder, general manager, Windows MultiPoint Server at Microsoft Corp.

DisplayLink’s simple yet sophisticated hardware embedded in the client helps the device deliver high performance at a low cost.


  • By using familiar USB connectivity, DisplayLink eliminates the need for running cables and installing multiple graphics cards in the host, therefore allowing client computing to be powered by a host computer and sold at a fraction of the cost of server architectures.
  • The low-power design helps the thin client device to operate on the bus power of the USB instead of requiring an external power supply.
  • DisplayLink’s technology also helps ensure servers can support well over the five seats typically supported by competing video-card-based multi-user solutions.

Microsoft Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 is available through OEM computer providers and will be available in Academic Volume Licensing in the first half of 2010. More information about DisplayLink USB virtual graphics technology can be found at www. displaylink.com/thin_client.html.

About DisplayLink

DisplayLink Corp. (www.displaylink.com) is a chip and software company that enables easy connectivity between computers and displays over standard interfaces like USB, Wireless USB, and Ethernet. Its innovations make it easy to incrementally expand the desktop visual workspace at significantly lower cost and power than traditional solutions. DisplayLink technology can transmit graphically rich content between a single device and multiple displays over relatively low-speed busses and networks. Leading global manufacturers have integrated DisplayLink USB graphics – a 2008 PC Magazine Technical Excellence Award winner – into an array of PC accessories including monitors, docking stations, display adapters and projectors.

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