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DisplayLink Demonstrates Market Success Selling More Than One Million USB Graphics Chips

PALO ALTO, Calif., May 12, 2009 – DisplayLink Corp. today celebrated reaching sales of more than one million USB graphics semiconductors.  Embedded in more than thirty consumer and business products, DisplayLink chips – the DL-120 and DL-160 – make it possible for people to connect various visual computing devices to displays with an easy USB connection.

“DisplayLink has completely reinvented the way computers talk to displays. Our IC’s make it possible to use standard plug and play USB  to connect a laptop to one or more displsys, bringing the world a major step closer to the ideal “single world connector” status.  Achieving sales of one million chips clearly shows the mainstream reach of our technology with customers and end-users who readily appreciate the simplicity of our approach and the productivity benefits of using multiple displays” said Hamid Farzaneh, president and CEO of DisplayLink.

“With the explosion of data and content, the increasing affordability of LCD monitors, and the growth of notebooks and netbooks with limited screen size, people increasingly see the need for easily and flexibly adding to their visual workspace to increase their productivity and reduce the stress and strain of watching and managing their data.   DisplayLink’s USB graphics technology is uniquely positioned to enable monitor and PC OEMs to develop innovative products to address this demand.”

The company’s teams in Silicon Valley, Cambridge, Seattle, Taipei, Tokyo and Seoul are supporting customers that continue to develop a broad range of USB graphics products powered by DisplayLink’s technology, including:

  • USB-connected monitors from Acer, ASUS, LG, Mitsubishi and Samsung providing the easiest way to add one or more  monitors to any PC
  • Application specific monitors – like 4” to 7”  mini displays from Buffalo, Century, IO Data, Nanovision and Samsung as well as new companion monitors, like the Samsung Lapfit, designed specifically as an accessory to notebook PCs.
  • Universal USB docking stations from HP, Kensington, Lenovo, Fujitsu-Siemens, Sony and Toshiba, allowing people to connect their display, mouse, keyboard, speakers and network to any notebook PC though a simple USB 2.0 connection.
  • Wired and Wireless USB graphics adapters from a wide range of vendors including Diamond Multimedia, EVGA, IOGear, IO-Data, Kensington and others, enabling an easy way to add an existing monitor or projector to a PC through a single plug-and-display USB 2.0 cable.
  • USB projectors from InFocus, creating the easiest way to connect a projector to a PC. It eliminates the fumbling with function keys experienced by millions of people when trying to give a presentation through a traditional analog video connector.


DisplayLink’s revenues have accelerated substantially and this millionth chip milestone announcement marks only the first steps in the expanding USB graphics-enabled device market.

According to In-Stat, a high-tech market research firm, the number of USB 2.0 monitors is projected to grow to nearly 12 million units in 2011. The growth in USB 3.0 monitors is projected to grow to nearly 58 million in 2012.  Additionally, the number of mobile PC Docking Stations with wired USB docking (or universal docking) is projected to grow to nearly 19 million in 2012, with the majority of them being USB graphics enabled.

“We have seen steady adoption of DisplayLink USB graphics technology in a variety of devices,” says Brian O’Rourke, principal analyst for In-Stat. “And as wireless USB and USB 3.0 graphics technology continue to develop, it is likely that we will see a variety of products – from application specific monitors to wireless adapters and docking stations that will leverage the DisplayLink patent portfolio.”

“Our customers and partners have come up with solutions to real world productivity issues – like device and display compatibility, simple set up of multiple displays and wireless imaging, and ease of deployment throughout the enterprise,” adds Farzaneh.  “We thank our customers for enabling us to reach this milestone, and look forward to accelerating our success in this growing market,” says Farzaneh.

About DisplayLink
DisplayLink Corp. (www.displaylink.com) is a chip and software company that modernizes the antiquated way people connect computers and displays - via USB, Ethernet, or over other standard digital networks. Its innovations make it easy to incrementally expand the desktop visual workspace at significantly lower cost and power than traditional solutions. Using universally accepted wired or wireless networking protocols and proprietary software compression techniques, DisplayLink technology can transmit graphically rich content between a single device and multiple displays over a network. Leading global manufacturers have integrated DisplayLink USB graphics - a 2008 PC Magazine Technical Excellence Award winner - into an array of PC accessories including monitors, docking stations, display adapters and projectors. Shop DisplayLink enabled USB graphics products at www.displaylink.com/shop.

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