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Displaylink Certified NanoVision USB Mini Monitor Makes Multi-Display On The Go a Reality

PALO ALTO, Calif., September 17, 2009 – Multi-monitor computing is now as quick and easy as opening a backpack or briefcase with Nanovision’s newest MIMO mini-monitor, a portable, instantly-connectable, cool consumer gadget powered by DisplayLink USB graphics technology.


Available starting today, the portable 7-inch MIMO 710-S and 720-S are designed to provide extra screen space without any connectivity or setup hassles, benefiting consumers and workers on the road and in the office alike. With just a simple DisplayLink USB connection between the MIMO and laptops, netbooks or desktops, people can use the mini-monitor to expand their visual space providing more room to keep an eye on fun social media apps like Twitter, Facebook or instant messaging; more space to set up business tools like stock charts, calendars and task lists; and more flexibility to showcase anything from digital photos to Apple iTunes selections.


“Multi-display computing no longer has to be confined to the desktop,” said Michael Ahn, GM, Nanovision. “MIMO is a snap to connect and display for complete productivity on-the-go.” 


In addition, the new MIMO 720-S offers a touch screen interface allowing people to press and process the applications they need.


“Just like its predecessor, the new MIMO 720-S is a versatile, vibrant accessory that couldn’t be simpler to use,” said Dennis Crespo, DisplayLink executive vice president of marketing and business development. “And DisplayLink’s USB technology not only provides graphics connectivity but also serves as MIMO’s power source. So travelers can get all of the productivity of an extra monitor without carrying anything other than the lightweight, envelope-sized MIMO and USB cable.”

The MIMO 710-S and 720-S LCD mini-monitors support 800 x 480 resolution, offers a 400:1 contrast ratio, are compatible with Intel-based Macs, and come with Windows XP and Vista drivers. Designed to be ultra-portable for people on the go, each device folds down flat to slide into a netbook or notebook bag, and then unfolds from their integrated case into landscape or portrait orientations for maximum productivity. They also support mirrored, extended, and primary modes.

Earlier MIMO products also have relied on DisplayLink USB graphics technology, but the MIMO 710-S and 720-S displays are the first mini-monitors to receive the “DisplayLink Certified” designation. This ensures that they have passed a high level of functionality and interoperability testing.

The Nanovision MIMO 710-S and 720-S are immediately available and are estimated at $149 and $229.99 USD, respectively. It is available through various online channels including online at ThinkGeek.com. For more information visit the DisplayLink shop.


About Nanovision

NanoVision Co., Ltd. (www.nanovision.co.kr) specializes in the display industry, producing small and mid size TFT LCD panels for various portable devices like mobile phones, PDAs and GPS navigation devices since Jan 2004. By introducing the MIMO series - in Oct 2008, NanoVision has enabled LCD monitors to be as simple plug and display USB devices.


About DisplayLink

DisplayLink Corp. (www.displaylink.com) is a chip and software company that enables easy connectivity between computers and displays over standard interfaces like USB, Wireless USB and Ethernet. Its innovations make it easy to incrementally expand the desktop visual workspace at significantly lower cost and power than traditional solutions. DisplayLink technology can transmit graphically rich content between a single device and multiple displays over relatively low-speed busses and networks. Leading global manufacturers have integrated DisplayLink USB graphics – a 2008 PC Magazine Technical Excellence Award winner – into an array of PC accessories including monitors, docking stations, display adapters and projectors.

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