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Starter kits are not directly provided by DisplayLink. Our partners have starter kits available that can be purchased directly from the partner.

d.screen Hybrid Evaluation Board

Connect Display and USB-Devices over Ethernet or USB / WUSB

d.screen USB HYBRID is a cost effective innovative board solution for high performance USB 2.0 and / or Ethernet connected displays based on DisplayLink's latest DL1x5 device family and EliteSilicon`s USB over IP technology. It is designed to act as a direct interface between either USB 2.0 or Ethernet network and LCD TFT displays from VGA up to Full HD / WUXGA / QWXGA. A highly efficient power-management and the supported WUSB technology from WISAIR makes the d.screen USB Hybrid the perfect solution for portable multifunctional monitors.

  • DisplayLink UGA Technology DL-1x5
  • Connect up to 6 LCD TFT displays to one PC over an extended desktop (requires 1 board per display)
  • 10/100 Mbit + Gigabit Ethernet interface
  • USB 2.0 / WUSB support with Wisair technology
  • Supports resolutions up to Full HD, WUXGA, QWXGA, XGA
  • Power supply up to 24 Volt (12/24V or 5V-only support)
  • USB Hub (3 USB 2.0 Ports for additional USB devices)
  • USB Touch Controller for 4- or 5wire resistive touches
  • Optional DVI-RGB analog interface

ADP 125/135 Video Converter, USB 2.0/3.0 to LVDS

The ADP-125 Video Converter, by Systemation Technology, receives USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 and converts it LVDS video to drive an LCD. The conversion is 1:1 with no scaling. This low cost easy-to-use adapter provides a convenient way to connect an LVDS type LCD to an existing USB port.

It can output either 1 or 2 channel LVDS at resolutions up to 1920×1080. Two USB 2.0 downstream ports provide USB for peripherals such as touch screen, keyboards and mouse.

The ADP-135 also provides USB audio. A speaker amplifier provides stereo Audio at 10W per channel. A microphone input is also provided. This audio channel is "USB PC Audio" compatible.

DisplayLink development board


Currently Unavailable

Sorry this product is currently out of stock. We don't have a date for more stock.

DisplayLink DL-P001 Development Board

The DL-P001 is a DisplayLink DL-3900 is available to qualified developers and partners wishing to design new products or to assess performance and compatibility of the DisplayLink DL-3x00 family product. The device and development board are fully certified by USB-IF as SuperSpeed compliant.

The development board supports a single USB Superspeed input connection, and provides dual HDMI video outputs, Gigabyte Ethernet and analogue audio. The board is not designed as a final product, but contains many options for a partner to make their own design or assess performance of the DL-3x00 families of devices. The PCB is compatible with all the device options in this family, and in this case fitted with the DL-3900 to show the entire range of functionality.

The board is ready to use out of the box, however further details of the design (including design guidelines, full schematics and gerbers for reference designs) are available to partners signing our NDA.

As this is a development board intended for customer demonstration, and design support, it is exempt from RoHS 2 and FCC regulations.

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