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Company Information

ISO 9001

Quality Policy

DisplayLink commits to meet the requirements of ISO9001 and provide continually improving product and service performance through our Management System by:

  • Providing innovative and technically superior products that meet or exceed customer expectations
  • Stimulating our employees through challenging activities and training/mentoring to develop their talents, improve personal quality and facilitate career progression thus enabling them to perform to the highest level of achievement
  • Continually improving our business and service performance and capabilities
  • Ensuring that our supplier relationships are mutually beneficial and meet or exceed our quality standards
  • Striving to achieve ever-improving customer recognized value from our products and services
  • Using partnerships to expand our capabilities to offer our customers a richer portfolio of products and services
  • Setting and regularly reviewing business and Management System objectives to ensure compliance with requirements

To confirm our commitment to our quality management system, we have attained certification to ISO9001. Our Certificate Number is FS 564245.

Copies of our Quality Manual are available to customers on request via your sales representative.

ISO 14001

Environmental Policy

DisplayLink is committed to helping customers achieve environmentally responsible network graphics solutions and, as a developer and provider of integrated circuits and software, endeavours to minimise the environmental impact of its products and operations.

We have an active environmental management system that ensures compliance to all applicable legal environmental requirements together with others mutually agreed and this includes a commitment to meet the requirements of ISO 14001.

All employees are actively encouraged to prevent pollution, reduce waste, recycle and minimise the company’s impact on the environment. To this end we set environmental objectives and measure our performance in order to maintain continual improvement.

We therefore contribute to the global effort in saving worldwide resources.

To demonstrate our commitment to a structured Environmental Management System, we have attained certification to ISO14001. Our Certificate Number is EMS 564246.

In addition to the supply of semiconductor devices and software, we occasionally supply complete reference designs and therefore come under the scope of the UK Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations 2013. In order to comply with these regulations, in the UK we are registered as a "small producer" direct with the UK Environment Agency.

DisplayLink's Producer Registration Number with the UK Environment Agency is WEE/CF2177RU

If you have received reference designs directly from DisplayLink, then please contact DisplayLink for details on correct disposal.

Business Continuity Policy

DisplayLink recognises the importance of a comprehensive Business Continuity Management System to ensure the continued supply of goods and services to its customers and the support of its employees and other stakeholders.

The company Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) is led by the Executive management team with detailed management being performed by the BCMS team and is aligned with the requirements of ISO 22301: Societal security - Business continuity management systems - Requirements.

The BCMS team evaluates business continuity objectives including any statutory, regulatory or agreed customer requirements and then completes detailed risk analysis and contingency planning to ensure that minimum acceptable service levels can be maintained following an incident falling within the scope of the BCMS procedure.

The BCMS ensures the protection of our employees, assets and reputation and minimises disruption to our stakeholders until the resumption of normal business.

The BCMS policy and plans will be regularly reviewed at the Management System Review on at least an annual basis or when significant changes occur in order to provide continual improvement of the system.

DisplayLink Conflict Minerals Policy

There has been worldwide concern at the use of "Conflict Minerals" - Tin, Tungsten, Tantalum and Gold (sometimes abbreviated to "3TG") extracted from minerals sourced in the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and adjoining countries, because revenues derived from these materials have been linked to armed conflict and human rights abuses in this region.

This concern has led directly to the adoption by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of rules to implement reporting and disclosure requirements on U.S. publicly listed companies - as directed by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 - with respect to Conflict Minerals and their sourcing from the DRC and adjoining countries. Although DisplayLink is not a U.S. publicly listed company, it recognises it is part of the supply chain for companies who are and takes its responsibilities seriously.

As a fabless semiconductor company DisplayLink has no direct manufacturing capability and therefore has no direct dealings with smelters or refiners of Conflict Minerals and is several layers of the supply chain removed from them. As a downstream company, DisplayLink therefore relies on using the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) guidelines and those of the Conflict Free Smelting Initiative (CFSI) to define its approach to Conflict Minerals. Based on these guidelines, DisplayLink's policy is to:

  • Work with its relevant suppliers to achieve the goal of a conflict free supply chain
  • Carry out supply chain due diligence via use of the CFSI Conflict Minerals Reporting Tool
  • Ensure that its suppliers carry out similar due diligence throughout their supply chains
  • Support industry efforts to achieve a Conflict Free minerals supply chain
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