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COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Hazard Who May Be Affected Precautions and Risk Control Systems (RCS) Risk Rating with Existing Precautions and RCS
Severity Likelihood Risk Factor
Closeness of employees (lack of social distancing)
All staff
  • Demarcate walkways where possible
  • Implement a one-way system in corridors
  • Separate desks to ensure 2m distance is achieved, utilise sublet space to increase working space for staff
5 2 10
Visitors and reception area Visitors and Staff
  • Business Critical only visitors
  • Questionnaire for all external visitors to be completed before arrival
  • Floor marked with entry and exit route
  • Sanitising station for visitors to use
  • Screen to be installed on reception desk
  • Delivery table for collections to be set up next to main entrance
  • All inward deliveries to be delivered outside
  • Disposable gloves available for reception staff
  • Clear signage for visitors to follow on hygiene, floor markings
5 2 10
Toilet areas Visitors and Staff
  • All toilet areas to have floor markings to show social distancing
  • Middle urinals to be put out of service
  • Shower rooms to remain closed
5 2 10
Break out Area/Servery/Tea Points All Staff
  • Servery to have screen installed on till area.
  • Floor markings for social distancing in all tea points and BOA
  • Signage for maximum occupancy
  • Staff encouraged to stagger break times
  • Break out area to remain closed
5 3 15
Cleaning/Hygiene Visitors and Staff
  • All non-essential security doors to be propped open to reduce touch points
  • Sanitizing stations to be set up in each office area
  • Antiviral wipes to be available next to shared equipment like printers and coffee machines
  • Increased cleaning regime for all desks and high touch point areas
  • Posters to remind staff on i) Social distancing ii) Hand washing
  • Lift limited to one person only
5 3 15
Meeting/Scrum rooms All Staff
  • Meetings in person to be limited to essential meetings only with limited capacity
  • Meeting rooms to have signage with occupancy levels
  • Removal of furniture to reflect occupancy
5 2 10
Travel All Staff
  • Business travel remains restricted to business critical only with CEO sign off
  • Company provided transport (monthly bus to town) cancelled
5 1 5
Air-conditioning Visitors and Staff
  • Full service and filter change to be undertaken before return to the office
  • Check maximum fresh air supply is being circulated
3 2 6
Extremely Clinically Vulnerable/Clinically Vulnerable staff All Staff
  • Continue to work from home
5 3 15


Hazard Severity (H) Likelihood of Occurrence (L) Risk Factor (=H x L) Safe Systems of Work (SSW)
5 Very High (multiple deaths)
4 High (death or serious injury)
3 Moderate (injury or disease)
2 Slight (minor injury)
1 Nil (no risk)
5 Very Likely (100% certain to occur)
4 Likely (high chance of accident)
3 Quite Possible (may happen)
2 Possible (low or minimal risk)
1 Not Likely (no risk present)
20-25 Catastrophic: prohibit work until risk reduced
15-19 Serious: should have specific procedures or SSW
10-14 Significant: generic procedures of SSW
4-9 Minor: generic procedure or general safety responsibilities
1-3 Trivial: no written assessment of SSW