Error Message: Before installing DisplayLink Core software, please install up-to-date OEM drivers

ID: 302 - Updated: Apr 8, 2013 - Category: Install/Uninstall


When trying to install DisplayLink software an error message is seen:

Before installing DisplayLink Core software and drivers, please install up-to-date OEM drivers for your PC's graphics hardware. Please refer to the DisplayLink Core documentation for further information.


DisplayLink software can only be installed if there is a primary graphics card installed on the PC, and the drivers are installed.

This message is shown when no primary graphics card driver is detected by the DisplayLink installer. Check that you have drivers installed for your primary graphics card.In the example below, the primary graphics card drivers are not installed in device manager:

This error message may also be shown if you are trying to install using a remote session, eg a Windows RDP session

This error may also be seen if you try to install on a PC with LogMeIn software installed.


Make sure that the primary graphics card drivers are installed.

Make sure that you are locally logged onto the PC to run the install and don't use an RDP session.

If using LogMeIn software, please uninstall LogMeIn before installing the DisplayLink software. Once the DisplayLink install is complete, LogMeIn can be re-installed.

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