New Software Development Kit!

DisplayLink SDK SDK product brief

SDK demo

DisplayLink SDK .NET demo SDK

Download example code and documentation from Listeq website (registration required).

DisplayLink Embedded Software

Software Development Kit for DisplayLink devices

DisplayLink has partnered with Listeq to create a DisplayLink SDK. Every hardware or software supplier using DisplayLink embedded technology can use Listeq's unique solution for controlling DisplayLink embedded devices. With this SDK there is no boundary on the amount of monitors connected and all communication is outside control of Windows Display Driver Architecture.

The SDK can be used for:

  • Basic Digital Signage systems based on simple USB infrastructure.
  • Basic VideoWall systems without need for DVI matrix solutions.
  • Massive Screen mirroring in educational/training environment.
  • Massive meeting/war room setups with 64 screens or more.
  • Trading/control room environments with multiple screen output
  • Point of Sale installations with power and signal over USB

The SDK is available and maintained by Listeq. Please visit the Listeq website for more information about the SDK.

Embedded designs using displays within Windows or Mac OSX

DisplayLink already have drivers for major Windows and Mac releases, supporting up to 6 extended displays (4 displays on Mac). This software is already available for download. These drivers can be used on any computer today if you need to use extended displays on mainstream OSes.

The USB driver in DisplayLink software is based on LibUSB and the source code for this is available.

DisplayLink Open Source Code

DisplayLink has an open source driver available, called LibDLO. This is owned by the open source community and more information is available at